OceanThe ocean grounds me. She calms me. This massive living being breathes and moves around me.

I love sitting on my board and just feel the waves and movement of the water. It’s magical, not much is better than this.

Japan was amazing and made me stop and marvel at how beautiful simplicity is. The Japanese people put time aside to appreciate what is around them. They love and enjoy the little things, stop to marvel at a flower, a bird flying by or appreciate a beautiful tranquil garden. 20190408_202202

Why are we not stopping and looking around us more often, taking in our surroundings and appreciating them? People watching is a great thing to do and is so much more valuable than staring at your mobile phone screen while you are commuting or sitting in a cafe or in nature.

Hear the sounds around you, listen in and then listen to your heart. Your heart usually knows what is best for you. Or call it your gut, whatever you’re more comfortable with. 🙂

Let your heart / gut guide you. Appreciate and savour the moment, it won’t come back. What’s in the past, stays in the past. You have so many opportunities, grab them and make the most of them. The world is yours. Embrace it and do what you want to do because life is short. Fill it with what and who you love! 🙂

P.D.: I love this late autumn weather. Clear water, blue skies, the sun’s shining. What’s there not to love? 🙂


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  1. inspcrea says:

    That’s a really beautiful message


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