My balcony garden

Finally, I have enough space and the right location to start growing my own fruit and veggies. So exciting! I don’t have a garden, but a balcony and terrace that have the perfect orientation with a lot of sun. I am going to make this my little paradise. 🙂
I decided to start from scratch and grow from seeds, rather than buy seedlings or grown plants. I wanted to nurture them and see with my own eyes how they grow, how long it takes, generally what happens. And it has been fun so far, it is such a great feeling to see these tiny little plants grow before your own eyes. Disappointing as well in case things don’t go to plan, but that is life. 😉

Seeds 20150913 II I might have started a little late in the season, but so far things are going well. I ordered seeds from ‘The Seed Collection‘ (highly recommended, they are non-GMO, non-hybrid, heirloom, without chemicals and very well priced).

I got pots from friends for free which I upcycled (a bit of white paint and colourful spray paint do wonders to an old pot) IMAG1753 and planted the seeds in soil. I put emphasis on getting good, organic soil, suitable for herbs and veggies, trying to stay as waste free as possible and buying from a local nursery rather than a mainstream Bunnings. I also got a big bag of compost which I mixed into the soil.

And things are looking good. I water my plants every evening, sometimes I even speak to them and this seems to be the secret recipe. It will still take some time until my first harvest (although I picked the first basil leaves yesterday), so I stay patient and wait. How good will it be to savour my home grown veggies for the first time. 🙂


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  1. Ankita Singh says:

    Good luck! In sunny Australia, I understand the climate is very similar to India, where I live. Gardening in these parts of the world is very different from what you must have been used to in Europe.
    The sun is a friend as well as a foe, very high temperatures come with their own problems, as I know very well. I would await more insight about the progress of your balcony garden 🙂


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